Our Showreal

We are here as the best partner for clients in implementing marketing strategies and audio visual and photography communications.

MFS Production presents the highest spirit and hope in the pursuit of success. We are always present as the best partner for clients in implementing marketing strategies and audio visual communication and photography. 

MFS Production is filled by a team with creative ideas and thoughts that serve the best production to achieve maximum results. Living by the philosophy of balance, where the work ethic is in line with our passion and spirit in creating a fun atmosphere. Balanced in the sense that very dense production blends with great client demand.


We Support Creative People

Collaboration allows us to come up with interesting ideas, be open to possibilities and allows us to choose the best production solution for each job. Whatever the challenge, we always build the best team projected with our creative talents.



To make MFS Production as a creative company based on media and film technology that is professional and leading and can become one of the film production houses that produces films from young filmmakers that have constructive values and can fulfill one of the needs of the community, especially in the entertainment world.

To become a healthy and competitive company in the context of the Creative Industry in Indonesia and Malaysia through Production, Publication, Distribution, Exhibition, Education and Training, Production services and Event Organizer of creative works based on media and film technology.

To become a leading company that provides integrated infrastructure services in the chain of Creative Industries based on media and film technology.



Always maintain the Quality of the films it produces so that it not only has selling value but can also provide useful entertainment for the whole Community. Become a forum for channeling the creative ideas of Young Filmmakers who have limitations in filmmaking.



Starting from the Video and Cinema Division established by Mohamad Fidaus and Caca Rayborn, under the auspices of Sanggar Humaniora.

Based on the assignment letter in 2022, in carrying out the introduction of Indonesian films to Malaysian productions to work with Indonesian Production Houses.

In addition, in the program we provide opportunities for new talents to shape the character of a person to become a talented talent, and also introduce to publish, prospective artists formed by MFS Production.

In addition to building cooperation with TV Stations and Media and Entertaiment in their fields, through programs in collaboration with MFS Production and Humanities.

In addition, we provide acting teachers who study in the field of acting, one of which is a Film Actor from Indonesia, Mr. Eddie Karsito and Ms. Yati Surachman who have long been involved in many film titles in Indonesia.

The conversation began with En, Firdaus and Cik Caca Rayborn, Mr. Eddie Karsito from Sanggar Humaniora in Jakarta, and Ms. Yati Surachman and the rest of the Creator Team. And also assisted by Mr. Eddy Virgo, a Production was formed, namely MFS Production.

MFS Production is still with the parent company, MFS Production began to develop itself seriously into a production group that works on learning programs and films for television, Broadcasting Programs and working with Influencers both from Malaysia and Indonesia.

MFS Production can be interpreted as one of the activities to convey messages, ideas, desires, to the public through systematic organization that will be aired through TV media, Youtube, Facebook, Social Media and Digital TV series, or Film Series.

And later will be directed through the big screen / cinema. MFS Production’s goal is to make a major contribution to society (viewers) in order to be educated and think critically, especially in the field of education.

Its broadcast media production includes:
production of Educational Video/Film/Family Film programs and Feature programs (a combination of news, reportage and film), as well as e-learning modules.

Outside the broadcast media production program, MFS Production also provides workshops in the field of Theater in collaboration with Sanggar Humaniora.

With follow-ups such as Short Filmmaking with themes of Education, Religion, Culture, Drama and others as well as combining actors in 2 countries namely Malaysia and Indonesia so that there is good cooperation and friendship in the future.