MFSProduction was founded in 2010 by (writer, director Mauricio Mo Zapata) with the  purpose to produce short films and eventually full length features.


        MFSProduction is also paving the way and providing a forum for filmmakers and actors to collaborate and network and support each others’s work as well AWARD them for their efforts.


        It is the alternative to film festivals that bunch a group of films all together in a span of a specific week or weekend ; eventually all films will not play to a desired audience, and some will get lost in the shuffle. It’s about leveling the playing field so all films can be noticed.
So please visit our submissions page and submit your work TODAY!

       MY FINAL SHOT PRODUCTION has produced six short films – EMPANADAS, BOLLYWOOD RENDEZVOUS,  EU VOU TE MATAR,  EYE TO I, OPERATION: KALI INCARNATE, and currently working the festival circuit A MATTER OF SECONDS.

        In Post Production -UNCERTAINTY, AY QUE SUSTO, LIPS. And there are currently 3 short films in Pre-Production . Visit us for upcoming auditions!!!